A day in the life of…Patrick

Hi, my name is Patrick Igadwa, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Kibera. I work with KUBUKA in Kenya as the cinemas’, Kibera Cinemax, project manager and as an assistant manager in the recycling point, Kleanbera Recycling; both within Kleanbera Sacco, a credit and savings cooperative based in Kibera. I have been working with KUBUKA since 2014, helping to implement ideas to develop the projects and obtain a positive impact in the community, with the help of the organization, with which we have been able to read it.

Every day, I get up early and make sure that the room is clean and that all of the machines such as the DVD or the projector work properly. Then I prepare the film schedule, which is displayed on a blackboard at the entrance of the premises so that the public can know what we offer. The most demanded films are action films, although we try to include films of all kinds. I have friends who help us in the cinema, like Charles or Muller who are always willing to help out when they are needed.

Every Saturday morning the first film is a cartoon for children, which they can access for free. In addition, we usually hold workshops for them and for the rest of the community, addressing issues of community interest such as, for example, the importance of recycling through crafts, with the help of local and foreign volunteers.

We also offer the space for any community activity, organized by NGOs or groups that want to carry out activities, forums or any kind of talk that benefits the community.

Finally, we broadcast all football matches of LA LIGA, EPL, UEFA, etc., which have a tremendous success among our public.

On the other hand, my responsibility in the recycling point is to support the manager, Wambugu, in any area he may need and strengthen the project together with the community and the organization. I also collaborate with the digitalization of accounting, in order to present it as transparently as possible to anyone who needs it. I love what I do, work is my priority and I work hard on it because it is what allows me to take care of myself and my family who depends on me mainly.

KUBUKA always supports me and has supported me in all the senses, in the bad times, making me believe in myself, in my work and even offering me different types of training to improve my skills and be able to benefit the community more.

Regarding my personal life, I am the last of 6 siblings, 2 girls and 4 boys and although my parents were not in a good situation they have always tried to take us to school and thanks to them I was able to finish my secondary education. Even one of my sisters managed to go to university and is currently looking for a job as a teacher.

Finally, in my free time I like to listen to music, although, to tell the truth, I prefer not to have a lot of free time because I need to be busy and try to generate income for my family. You could say that my hobby is to work hard and improve since I love my job. Thank you very much and welcome to out projects! BRAVO!!!

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