A school sponsors another school

A school sponsors another school

If our work foundations are education and entrepreneurship, why not seek funding in these areas?

This question came up in KUBUKA a few years ago and we thought it was a good idea. This way, we seek funding from schools and businesses in Spain to invest in schools and businesses in Kenya and Zambia.

But there is much more! In these collaborations, with schools in particular, we don’t only settle with making that economic contribution, but also seek to achieve another goal of great relevance for us: to raise the students’ awareness about the reality children in Kenya and Zambia live in.

We like to see it like this: “One school sponsors another school”. And it’s a win win situation. Because observing from a young age, so closely, the lives of children in the brother continent, allows these students to see the differences with their own lives, and motivates them to join the change. We want it to be an enriching experience and one in which, through small actions, some very important values are taught: tolerance, kindness, empathy, understanding, generosity, diversity…

Today, in KUBUKA we have two schools in Madrid who collaborate with the NGO: Runnymede College and Humanitas Tres Cantos School. During the school year, the students and teachers of these centres organise and launch different activities with the aim of raising money for their sister schools in Zambia and Kenya, respectively.

Specifically, Runnymede College helps with the reconstruction of a school in Malota (Zambia) and the Humanitas School with Grace Humanitas in Kibera (Kenya) with the purchase of land for a new school during 2017/2018 and a feeding program and school supplies during the previous years.

In addition, we monitor what has been achieved thanks to their help, to make them participants in everything that is achieved with their efforts, and we give talks about our projects and the realities of the countries we work in, in order to raise awareness.

Thus, thanks to the bits provided by these “tykes” and their teachers, we get to help other children, like them, but because of fate, they don’t have the same possibilities. This way KUBUKA is only the link between one another.

This work that we do from Spain is surely one of the most satisfactory for many members of the NGO because we feel that there is a precious bond between children from different countries and it helps, not only young africans to continue their education, but also to open the minds of children who we are sure will be great, open, understanding, determined and sensitive people in the future.

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