My name is Sarah Mutuku and I am a teacher by profession. Today, I have somehow forgotten this title and I see myself also as a mother and caregiver to the 20 vulnerable children living in Lisha Children’s Home, where everyone calls me Teacher-Mum.

I started to work in Lisha Children’s Home as a teacher, giving academic support to the kids that were struggling at school. For several months now, I have been the children’s home housemother. I love my job. I am always awake, alert and enthusiast to serve these children, to teach them different lessons, and to give them the necessary instructions to perform different activities. 

I feel very fulfilled when I see them growing and developing, and appreciating the things they learn. For me, to mould these kids to be excellent and successful persons in the future, to develop their talents, to help them to be brave and self-confident, is no longer a job but a call, a duty to perform, a role to play in life.

Lisha Children’s Home opened its doors almost a year ago, and through God’s grace and thanks to the support of many well-wishers, especially from Spain, we are achieving great and marvellous things. We have faced different obstacles, but we keep working harder everyday to make Lisha Children’s Home a better place for our lovely kids.


For sure there are and there will be challenges for us to face everyday. Many of our children, for instance, have learning disabilities. I am myself very committed to venture each day in a quest for knowledge and techniques to help my kids understand and to give them the tools and skills they need to succeed in life. Children with learning disabilities are as smart as everyone else, only they need to be taught in ways that are tailored to their unique learning styles.


I am positive that with the commitment of all the workers of our children’s home together with our volunteers and our supporters’ help we will be able to tackle any problem that might arise. We feel strong knowing you are behind us.


As the kids’ teacher, mother and caregiver, I want to thank everyone: any individual, company, or organisation that has been helping us in any possible way. Please be aware you have changed 20 children’s life forever.

And I take this chance to kindly and humbly plead for any new supporter to join us in taking care of more vulnerable children, in making the world a better place for them.

Sarah Mutuku, also known as Teacher-Mum


P. S.: When asked to participate in our blog, I first wrote these lines that I want to share with you who are reading:

My Mission, by Sarah Mutuku

I want to be an artist and I can do so by painting dreams for children.

I want to be a sculptor and I can do so by shaping lives for the future.

I want to be a poet and I can do so by writing impressive passages of mankind.

I want to be a historian and I can do so by inspiring the lives of great men and women to come.

I teach because when I see a frown turning into a smile, or I hear the words ‘Now I understand’, it is the best reward I can get.

I teach because it is in teaching where I see the worthwhile and true fulfilment of living.

Sarah Mutuku


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