La importancia del voluntariado

«El valor humano» «Ubuntu. Yo soy porque nosotros somos» «Gente que inspira» «Yo hago lo que tú no puedes, y tú haces lo que yo no puedo. ¡Juntos podemos hacer grandes cosas!» Madre Teresa de Calcuta. Estos son sólo los títulos o algunas de las frases que he utilizado en blogs anteriores para hablar del […]

A day in the life of…Patrick

Hi, my name is Patrick Igadwa, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Kibera. I work with KUBUKA in Kenya as the cinemas’, Kibera Cinemax, project manager and as an assistant manager in the recycling point, Kleanbera Recycling; both within Kleanbera Sacco, a credit and savings cooperative based in Kibera. I have been working with […]

5 years, 5 trips with KUBUKA

In 2010 I made my first trip to Africa, specifically to climb the 5,896 meters of Mount Kilimanjaro, and as you know, “Africa gets you hooked”…, from that moment, you no longer have to think about how to return to the continent. Since 2003 I am a trustee of another NGO, which has no contact […]

What Kasiya teaches us

It is not new to say, read or hear that, increasingly, our world becomes a more individualistic world, that we only think of ourselves more and more, and that the common good is blurred towards personal wealth or satisfaction. These are concepts which perhaps few people stop to think about, especially in this day to […]

Awareness and responsibility when choosing NGOs

We are already in September, month of going back to school, and going back to getting into the routine of early mornings and traffic jams, and counting the days left for the next holidays; without having much time for ourselves. So, before putting my hands back in the cookie jar, I would like to reflect […]

Swahili and Nyanja basic expressions

Normally, when volunteers arrive to the field, they are interested to learn common expressions in Swahili, Kenyas’ official language as well as English, and Nyanja, one of the languages spoken in Zambia although the official one is English. Apart from these, there are many other dialects in both countries depending on the area and/or the […]

Karibu Kenya

One of my favourite words in Swahili is “kati kati”. It means something like “in the middle”. And that is how I would describe my arrival in KUBUKA. In the middle of a storm, in the middle of a transition, in the middle of many changes. Personal alterations when changing Malawi for Kenya, passing through […]

Malcolm Bane was right…

A phrase, written by a pastor called Malcolm Bane, I read a few years ago made me reflect on the society in which we live in and, in particular, on the apologies that some of us seek to not help less fortunate people. The phrase was the following: “If you wait until you can do […]

A day in the life of… Marcos

My name is Marcos Garrido and I have been volunteering with KUBUKA since February 2017. After finishing my studies in Law and Business Administration, and inspired by my mother´s example, I went to Cameroon to help in an orphanage in the Batibó region. After returning from Cameroon I started working as a tax lawyer, but […]

What I learned in Africa

It´s been about a year since I came back from Africa. I speak of the continent, not of Kenya or Zambia, the countries we work in, because I am one of the few volunteers of KUBUKA who has had the fortune of living this experience by linking the two countries. I spent a month and […]