This has only just started!

Six months ago I decided to change my life again, quit my job and embark on a new adventure…I did not know what it was going to be, I was not even clear about where to start, I had only proposed myself that I would not take any steps, nor send any CVs to any […]

You must be so proud

It has been a total of 3 years and 9 months, or what comes to be, 1.374 days, that is, 32.976 hours. This is a quick summary of our colleague Myri´s stay in Kenya as a KUBUKA Project Coordinator. But it is ridiculous to only add it up as time because it has been so […]

Dear KUBUKA team

“I write this letter and make it public so that everyone who knows about you and read this are as proud as I am to share a little bit of their lives with you.” This is how a letter an anonymous person wrote a couple of years ago. Today, I have taken the liberty of […]

One day in the life of… Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Manyasa Chibole. I am a Kenyan citizen aged 37 years. I am the director of Grace Humanitas Children´s Centre. I did my primary certificate in 1997 and sat for my Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education in 2001. I was trained as an E.C.D.E (Early Chilhood Development and Education) teacher  in 2013. […]

The Kenyan music of yesterday and today

If something is characterized by Kenyans is to make good music. In fact, one of the projects that we support from KUBUKA, because we believe it has great potential, is the music producer Made In Kibera (MIK). Today, we go deeper into the types of music that originate in this country and its current reality […]

A school sponsors another school

If our work foundations are education and entrepreneurship, why not seek funding in these areas? This question came up in KUBUKA a few years ago and we thought it was a good idea. This way, we seek funding from schools and businesses in Spain to invest in schools and businesses in Kenya and Zambia. But […]

Asante sana!

I still remember shortly after arriving in Kenya…We were heading to what was one of my first visits to the second largest slums in Africa: Kibera. We were in a hurry (of course) because we were late for one of the meetings we had with our team members. On the way between greetings and “karibus” […]

The labor reality in Zambia

In 2017 Zambia’s active population reaches 5,049,059 people, of which 2,759,098 are men and 2,289,961 are women. The difference is not very big but it is important to emphasize that there are many employed women, meaning, that they have an important role in the Zambian society. 48% of this activity occurs in rural areas and […]

One day in the life of…Rocío de la Torre

My name is Rocío, I am 53 years old and although I almost double the age of many of my colleagues in KUBUKA, they always make me feel like I’m one of them. My relationship with the NGO began in 2015 when my daughter, Paula, told me she wanted to volunteer abroad. I asked if […]