Direct flight: Andosilla – Zambia

Everyone of us who has decided to move to other countries to work as volunteers has faced a thousand questions about what our day-to-day life will be like: the projects, the country, the people, their customs…Until you get there you don’t know what is waiting for you and sometimes it is difficult to explain this reality to people who have never lived it. It is surprising to realise the amount of people who have an interest in this way of life and would like to know more about what it is like to work for an NGO in Africa. Because of this, I decided to organise a talk in my beloved town, Andosilla (Navarra), to try to answer all of these questions and bring this reality closer to my people.

With the support of Andosillas’ city council, who gave us the space and publicised the event, last September I was able to talk about what KUBUKA does, especially in Zambia, and answer all of the questions and doubts my neighbours, family and friends had. It was also an oportunity to put a face to all of the people with whom I work with, the people of this wonderful country and the spectacular places I have the pleasure to enjoy, such as the Victoria Falls or the sunsents in Mwandi.

I felt happy for the warm welcome and immensely grateful to everyone who came to hear KUBUKAS’ story and my experience in Zambia. But the city councils’ support did not stop there. At the end of the talk it was announced that KUBUKA was the chosen NGO to which all of the benefits of various cultural and sport events which will be organised in the upcoming months in this small town of Navarra will go to. As explained by the mayor of Andosilla, José Manue Teres, “when I heard Ioseba’s talk about the projects developed by KUBUKA, I realised that they are doing an extraordinary job and I told the culture counselor that I thought it was an organisation that could perfectly fit in the charitable collaboration that we develop every year. We hope our contribution will be very helpful.”

And the day arrived. Last weekend the city council held the first event in KUBUKA’s favour, the VIII Popular Villa de Andosilla Charity Race, which has had a great success with more than 200 runners of all ages. Not only did they enjoy a sporty morning, but they have also contributed their bit to KUBUKA’s projects in Kenya and Zambia. More than 1,400 euros have been collected between registrations, purchase of merchandising and donations, which will be put to use in the best way possible so that the communities where KUBUKA is present develop and can have a better future.

This is an example of how any person, organisation or institution can contribute to a good cause in a way that they consider most appropriate. A great example of how everyone can do something, however little, for those who need it most. You just have to find the way.

KUBUKA and I, as a neighbour of this town, thank you infinitely for your support to make the world a better place. See you soon, in Andosilla or in Zambia!

I hope that many more towns and cities in Spain are encouraged to collaborate in their own way.

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