How do you think KUBUKA will be in 2019?

How do you think KUBUKA will be in 2019?

This is what we tried to reflect on last weekend.

Thanks to Brainterprise we were able to carry out several group dynamics to focus on the future of our organisation. And we are very happy with the results!

The first step was to set goals. It seems very simple but to spell them out we needed a lot of communication and other positive influences like our desire to participate, our enthusiasm and the commitment for wanting this exercise to lead us to define realistic goals.

In this moment you already realise that KUBUKA is much bigger than what you thought. The brainstorming begins and a great variety of ideas, opinions and even crazy thoughts are put out there. But do not panic, thanks to this diversity and the respect and affection that we have for each other, we managed to reach very similar conclusions in the end, despite having different outlooks on life. It is the essence of this organisation what has given me so much since I came across it.

We talked a lot about values, communication and professionalisation. These three points are what are going to lead KUBUKA to grow stronger and to move straightforward and faster, because when things are simplified, it is easier to see both the starting point and the destination more clearly.

So, step by step, and thanks to Flor Pedrola’s work, a great coaching professional, we were able to find the precise tools to make this puzzle more complete, with larger pieces which are easier to fit. Activities like these help things grow and, consequently, mean an evolution for our projects and for all of the departments that make up the NGO.

At the end of the weekend, we realised that KUBUKA is made up of great people who are united by a single objective which is what gives us the strength to move forward. It is wondeful to know that the bond in this organisation is so strong that no matter where you work, Kenya, Zambia or Spain, the important thing is that we all walk in the same direction.

I’m proud of belonging to the KUBUKA family, and I’m sure you would be too.


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