Human Value

We almost always talk about the projects we develop in Zambia and Kenya, about issues that interest us and move us (such as entrepreneurship, education or cooperation), about volunteering, and about the structure of the organization. But behind all that there is a team of PEOPLE that make everything go forward. Each in his own way, for more or less time, in the field or in Spain … they all form or have been part of KUBUKA and have contributed to making it what it is today.

That’s why I wanted to thank you.
In a personal and particular way.
And to recognize the value they have not only for me, but for the organization and all the beneficiaries of our projects.

Because they manage to demonstrate in KUBUKA that «the whole is greater than the sum of its parts». Because they manage to transmit values ​​and messages that make us more human to all. Because even in times when everything costs us more we support and enrich ourselves, and that is where we learn from each other.

It does not matter if you have been given an X number of hours. If they could have been in Zambia and Kenya or not. If they have been more or less motivated. If they have had to disengage at any time, or are still there, the way they can. What matters is that today KUBUKA keeps changing. Continues to grow.
And it is due to all the qualities of the people that compose it:
The kindness of Gloria
The professionalism of Borja
The courage of Myriam
The restlessness and the details of Heath
The energy of María Antón
The positivity of Sofia
Elena’s commitment
The perfectionism of Pati
The humility of Rocío
The creativity and love of Meso
The curiosity and nonconformity of Nacho Sanz
The balance of Cookie
Juan’s realism
The proactivity of Manu
The coherence of Sol
The responsibility of Sofia Fuster
The passion of Cosmen
Natalia’s patience
Kitty’s ability to get excited
The sincerity of Paula
Pablo’s empathy
Bea’s discretion
The practicality of Alberto
The tranquility of Marisa
The illusion and innocence of Mani
The closeness of Luis
The maturity of Cas
The support and mischief of Ana
The sweetness of More
Sergio’s trust
The delivery and organization of Carlota
The joy of Cris
The sensitivity of Valle
The generosity and strength of Álvaro


And «luckily» an immense number of people I could not name one by one (because I have not had the opportunity to meet them all and because it would make the longest blog post in the world).

Each and every one of them has contributed something to KUBUKA that keeps us moving forward.
Learning every step of the way, and wanting to continue doing many things in the best way we know.

We are what we are thanks to the sum of all.
So … infinite thanks!


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