A key pillar: the fundraising department

This week’s blog is less sentimental than on other occasions. Today we want to talk about the core of Kubuka, the fuel that drives this organization, namely how it is being financed.

From the start, we in Kubuka understood the importance of diversification in obtaining funds. Not only because of a safety issue when drawing the projects forward, but also because it involved different groups in our social projects.

Obviously, like almost all NGOs, we have a lot of trust in our sponsors and partners, but from Kubuka we have committed ourselves to explore other ways. That is why we have a department that has the full responsibility of managing alternative financing lines: the Fundraising Department.

IMG_3175The fundraising department

Firstly, in Kubuka we seek to involve companies of different sizes in our projects, make them a part of the project and create a link that translates into a financial contribution, in the form of collaboration.

The companies can collaborate in a punctual form, with some financial contribution; for products, donating material that we can use in the projects, or they can collaborate in a prolonged way by supporting either a specific project or in general.

The company “Viajabien” is a clear example of a relationship that we hope will continue for many years. Here is a clip to get to know them better.

However, we do not only want to involve companies (productive units that develop activities for profit), but people who seek to contribute in different ways as well.

The “challenges” are the best examples of these partnerships. Set a goal, involve a large number of people, make them participate and raise as much money as possible. A few weeks ago, Enhamed was the first blind person to cross the strait by swimming and all the proceeds went to Kubuka.

The great Nico has been one of our latest challenges. Cycling the distance between Asturias and Tala (Kenya), where our orphanage is, Nico has managed to raise more than 10.000 euros.


This is how we work, but do you know what? We do not have the perfect formula to raise money. We are a young NGO, and we have much more to learn, and this is where you, as a reader of this blog, can help.

What do you think a company expects in return for collaboration with an NGO? How do you think this company-NGO-relationship can be strengthened? What factors make you choose to collaborate with one NGO or another?

If you have the answer to any of these questions, do not hesitate to write to us:

Thank you for being here

Sergio Sánchez

Fundraising department

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