KUBUKA’s 2018 resolutions

Taking care of myself more to be able to take care of others, to be more supportive, to stop focusing on myselft and start concentrating on the one by my side, to leave your comfort zone…, every year around this time we make a deep analysis of how this past year has developed and we think about our wishes and/or resolutions for the upcoming one. Everything suggested can remain unfulfilled, forgotten, if we don’t take time to list each goal and keep them in mind so that we can work on them every day in 2018, and the next January 1st feel the satisfaction of having brought to life those wonderful wishes. Here are some of “KUBUKA’s resolutions for 2018”, there are many more but these ones will be captured here so that none get lost.

  • New year, new energies and new projects. Hopefully we can reach, with our excitement and our strength, every corner and every heart.
  • Work on a good “comeback” especially for the volunteers who have worked on site, but also for those who work in Spain, that is, making feedback of their experiences in the NGO regularly as volunteers and really pamper the most emotional side, beyond a quantitative evaluation. At the end of the day, KUBUKA also changes the lives of many volunteers and we must be aware of the footprint we leave behind.
  • To get to know well the reality on site, understanding in depth the Kenyan and Zambian cultures beyond the already known environment surrounding the NGO.
  • To raise awareness amongst the members of the NGO: to make cultural and social plans in Madrid to see how dynamic and powerful the third sector is and serve as inspiration to go through a CO-CREATION path of development programs.
  • To increase the activity of Kleanbera Recycling by increasing the volume of recycling and raising the workers’ and staff of Kiberas’ (Kenya) awareness.
  • To expand in Spain, making us more known and achieving a greater loyalty of members and sponsors. Making our events in Spain reach more new people, to expand our public.
  • To promote KUBUKA’s activities in Spain encouraging the team, and engaging those who are somewhat demotivated.
  • To see how our projects start to work on their own, without the need to have volunteers on site.
  • To stick together, to be able to count on each member of the team at all times and participate on projects in different areas.
  • Creativity and good ideas, strength and emotional stability for those who have to pull the boat against all odds.
  • We wish that 2018 doesn´t bring us the temptation to surrender or abandon this service oriented job, we wish that it doesn´t take away a hint of excitement and that we are not afraid of making mistakes. But we do wish that it brings us a clear outlook to see our mistakes and the way to mend them.
  • To be able to launch new social businesses in Kenya and Zambia that supose more jobs for the members of the communities.
  • May this year be equally as good for everyone and not just for the same people as always who have everything and keep asking for more.
  • Let Zambia, Kenya and Spain be one.
  • Let KUBUKA not forget where it comes from and let it always keep in mind its roots and its objectives in every action it carries out.

…All this and much more we can achieve together, as always, as a team, with your support, with dedication, responsability, commitment and hard work.

And in this year 2018, as Mario Benedetti said, we wish you:

“Don’t give up, please don’t give way, even if the cold burns, even if fear bites, even if the sun sets, and the wind goes silent, there is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams. Because life is yours and yours is the desire, because every day is a new beginning, because this is the time and the best moment”.

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