La historia de »una mujer» de 17 años

Dear Kubuka,

Life is like a journey where you have to work with someone to complete the journey. I thank Kubuka for walking with me to complete the journey of my education.

My life has been so difficult for me in the last years. Firstly, I am an orphan since I was 10. I then had a baby in 2013 and went to live with my aunt. In 2014 I was chased from my aunt´s house to go away. I had nowhere to go in this town of Livingstone, so I decided to go to Sesheke where I have many relatives. In 2015 I was expected to report for school in grade eleven, but I had no hope that I was going to come back to school in Livingstone.

After I met Elena, Cookie, Nacho, Cosmen and Gloria in 2014 during the holiday of december and told them about what happened to me, they told me to come to Livingstone in January 2015 to solve the problem. Elena tried to talk to a woman who takes care of chidren in Libuyu a house called Lubasi Home. The woman said it was not possible for me to live in the house because they allow children to stay there up to 17 years of age. But the woman was kind enough and directed us to Faweza offices where I knew a kind man by the name of Mr. Milimo.

I went to the office with Elena to seek for help as I know that Faweza supports rights for girls on their education. By the luck of God is mercy Mr. Milimo told us that there was a house for girls in Livingstone, so in 2015 in grade eleven I started staying in the safe house. It was fun meeting new girls and experiencing boarding life.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2015 in the Safe House we were told that the house will be closed because there was no one to sponsor it. As we went for holidays, I was worried about where am I going to stay, so that I complete my grade 12 which is the last grade. Again by the grace of God, Elena and Kubuka team decided to sponsor the Safe House so that me and the girls can continue learning. Thanks very much Kubuka for being always there for me and my education, Kubuka has not just sponsored the house, no! But also it has given us many advises, activities like games, sewing lessons, on behalf of the girls.

I say thank you very much for the things you have done for us, may the almighty God bless you abundantly. As I am talking we are having fun with volunteers in this holiday, learning different things from them. When I look back I´m not the same as before. I´m in another level because of Kubuka. Am also happy cause I´m a member of Kubuka. I also thank my theachers from Kubuka who have been helping me in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology. Cookie and her sister Casilda, Elena, Patricia, and Cecilia thanks very much my teachers.

It´s me, Nsofwa Chipasha from Safe House

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