Once again, I want to welcome everyone for the first edition of this term since the inception of this Children’s Home. Like any other family, Lisha has been growing facing ups and down, some of the challenges we have faced are there to build us and give us strength. We, therefore, treat challenges and advances with equal measures, thanks to the meetings we are holding twice a week. We currently have 22 children, 13 boys and 8 girls both of which make this family complete.

We are now ending the third term of school, our kids will be joining next class, next year, they will however break for christmas early enough, top ave way for the final examination of grade eight to take place. Many of our kids are performing very well in class, bearing in mind that they have to do home study once they are back home. They like working as one big family.

We have six more staff, who are working with zeal to see that, our kids get the best during their development from childhood. We endeavor to stabilize family love, along side spiritual nourishment, providing them with counseling and guiding them as they undergo different stages in their life.


During a typical day, the older ones wakes up around 5 a.m, to prepare to go to school, they have breakfast, brush their teeth, wash their face and off they leave for school. Sometimes, we have to take them using home bus to see that they don’t get late for school. We want them to take studies as basic foundation of their life. There is always someone on duty, everyday, to supervise them as they prepare themselves. The Young ones usually wake up around, our house mother has to wake them up, prepare them for school, by making sure that they are all neat and clean as they go to school. They follow the normal routine as the older ones and hence we take them to school, using our bus.

We, however, have three other kids, with special needs, they are slow learners. It has taken some time to study them, thanks to our volunteer staff who has helped us to identify them. We take them to a different school every morning and go for them every afternoon.

For the last three months, no much health problema issues has been recorded, although, Sharon went through medical screening, but we feared that she might be having spinal problems. Thanks to the last medial scanning, it proved to be negative. Common cold and flue was the major outbreak, but at the end of august, all the kids went through medical screening. The condition of Esther remained normal. She has been taking medication without fail, while Mwanzia the cook has been supervising her, she has been used to the routine.


There are other programs which are geared towards sustaining this Children’s Home. For example, the poultry Project and the shamba; although, we started with a great number of chicken, a lot died. The fact that we selected a mixture of good breed and poor breed, we ended up getting only the best breed surviving. We thought it is wise to study and continue with the ones we can manage and continue learning. But not all is wasted, we are getting around 15 eggs per day. This is good sign as we are not buying eggs for our kids and even for the staff, this is a big plus for us.

Still for the last 3 months our shamba has recorded great improvement in terms of production, we have received an income of 20000/ (200€ aprox) only from the sale of cabbages, thanks to our able grounds man Matheka. We hope and aspire to continue with this spirit of doubling our produce and thus increasing our surplus for the future.

We will be happy for any suggestion and comment geared towards improving the well being of the children and the fraternity of the children’s home in general.

Thanking everyone who has participated in one way or the other in our functioning.

Erick Kyalo Mutiso,


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