«My dream is to go far, #comewithme»

"My dream is to go far, #comewithme"

Gifts, lights, dinners, cribs, friends, party, snow, family … all these words are Christmas’s own and are very well accompanied by others, such as love, fraternity, joy, peace, forgiveness, sincerity, fun and, of course, solidarity. Therefore, this time of the year (and as always) we have rolled up ourselves so that you can take out all those feelings that you have inside, and you give us a hand to make possible that the little Kenyans and Zambians can go to school.

 Yesterday we launched our annual sponsorship campaign under the slogan: «My dream is to go far, #comewithme. » In a video, children from the communities where we work in Kenya and Zambia tell us what it meant for them to be sponsored and how they see their future.  During childhood we all have dreamt of our future and what we would like to become: «I want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a biologist, an astronaut …» Dreaming is free but if you really want to fulfil this dream, the first and most important step is to have an education. As you know, although education is a universal right, not in all parts of the world is easy to access to it.

The data is alarming. Zambia’s dropout rate is 80%, in Kenya, with a greater development, this rate is at 30%; only the 48% (Zambia) and 56.5% (Kenya) of children are schooled in what in Spain we call Compulsory Secondary Education. These are just some data, so you can get an idea of the few opportunities that children have in these parts of the world.

We have been fighting this for years, and now we have 562 sponsored children thanks to the monthly contribution of 200 sponsors. In this Christmas campaign, our goal is to get 50 new sponsors. You sign up? With only € 15 per month, you will change their future.

Ah, so that our voice reaches the whole world, do not forget to share the video on your social networks or make a boomerang or picture with children making the gesture of # meacompañas. All this together with the motto of the campaign and without forgetting to use the hashtag: «My dream is to go far, #comewithme».

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