Non-violent Elections

The community of Kibera is a representation of the whole country. Composed of 12 villages that welcome people from the 42 tribes of Kenya, 20% of people who live in Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) live here. It can be said that the Kenyan dream  goes through its streets dressed in tin and that when Kibera speaks, the people listen.


Ten years ago, the bloodiest elections in memory took place in Kenya.  More than 2700 people died in what is considered to be premeditated genocide. It started in the streets of Kibera, and 10 years later, its inhabitants do not want this to happen again. KUBUKA wanted to support one of the leaders of the community in its battle for non-violent elections, organizing two events that remind us that Kibera is truly a great example for the entire nation, under the motto “STOP & THINK”.

July 23rd was a historical day, with the celebration of a big event called Uchaguzi Bila Fujo, a concert for peace. Only 16 days before the general election that will decide the future president of Kenya, the poorest neighborhood in the country and of the most problematic. According to one of the members of Made in Kibera Productions, the concert organizers, Philip Oyoo, “we believe that music has the ability to generate good feelings and is the best way to unite the people. That is why we launched this event, because if we are sure of something, it is that we want to live in a safe, peaceful country.”

On August 5, just 3 days before the elections, a massive garbage collection was carried out: Clean Kibera for Peace (Clean Kibera for Peace). «We are going to invite politicians and the entire population inside and outside Kibera to the largest garbage collection that has been held in Nairobi. All dressed in white, cleaning Kibera, a powerful image that perfectly symbolizes what we want to convey, Kibera. «Says Stephen Nsuza, a KUBUKA worker and the community leader behind the STOP & THINK idea.

Today, August 8, elections are held. We are proud to have supported these initiatives and put our grain of sand so that Kibera today is a strong reflection of what is happening in the country. The Kenyan people vote today, after a period of reflection marked by peace and the unity of the people. Today Kibera is freer.

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