One day in the life… Joyce

My name is Joyce Kanimba and I am the director of KUBUKA in Zambia. I have been working in this organization since 2014. I am a 59 year-old woman, married and with a large family to whom I dedicate most of my time. The rest of my time I give it to KUBUKA, without forgetting other responsibilities such as going to church and taking care of the house.

I wake up every day at 5:00, and sometimes, if necessary, even earlier, and I always start with a prayer. I thank God for life, I ask for his blessing and is protection and I end up singing a Gospel song.

Household chores are the first thing we take care of at home. Sweeping, organizing, cleaning…, we leave everything ready for the rest of the day. Every two days I wash my clothes, I like having everything clean and if I don’t do it continuously, it builds up and I then find it harder. Regarding my husband’s clothes, I wash them on Saturdays when he gets home after spending the week working outside.

Once everything is under control inside the house, I make my way to the garden where I have a small vegetable patch and flowers. I’m in charge of watering, cutting the weeds, applying pesticides and whatever else is necessary so that everything goes well. For example, this morning I have been working on the roses although the truth is that I’m not very happy because they are not blooming well, you have to be very committed.

Finally, I take care of my chickens. I feed them and clean the house where they live and, whenever they are sick, I give them medicine so that they recover soon. When they are already big and healthy, I sell them. I already have my regular clients so I know who to offer them to.

At 9:00 in the morning when I have finished the home chores, I take my car, known as La Prima among KUBUKA volunteers, and I start my day with KUBUKA. If I am not visiting the Maramba farm or the Safe House, I am in the office with meetings and preparing activities for different projects.

Until 2:00 pm I am usually involved with volunteers and workers of the NGO. Signing of contracts, payment of salaries, weekly evaluations and many other things for which I am needed.

When I’m done with KUBUKA, which sometimes is very late…I like to spend my time on other activities such as meeting friends or family and going to church. In fact, many afternoons I go to church because I am the Pastors right arm. We read the Bible and we talk about what we have read, we practice Sunday’s songs and we set up meetings to organize different activities. Before going back home, I take care of the errands to attend to the needs of my family. Around 5:30 pm I normally finish my afternoon and return home.

Upon arrival, the first thing I do is check that the chickens are fine, that they have enough food and water. Then I help prepare dinner, it is the only time of the day I get to eat Nshima, the typical food here.

At about 8:00 pm, when we have finished dinner, we all sit together to watch TV, listen to the news, talk…, and that’s when my youngest daughter, who is in third grade, brings her homework and we check that everything is correct. Makole, my oldest son, who is studying to be a nurse, tells me about his day and what he has learned.

Before going to bed, we pray together, we thank for our day and we ask for blessings in the future. At about 22:00-23:00 we all go to sleep and rest until the next day.

I like to be an active person and I think my health needs me to move so I always like to be doing things.

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