One day in the life of…Eric

My name is Eric Kyalo Mutiso, Founder of Lisha Mtoto Initiative (counterpart of KUBUKA in Kenya), and director Lisha Children’s Home, a center for vulnerable and orphan children in Tala (Kenya).

I was born and raised in Machakos County, South Eastern Kenya. I studied Community Development, majored in Project Management and Logistics from University of Nairobi, City Campus. Though it was not my first option, I found myself in development field. Since then, I have loved my career with zeal.

Being the last born in a family of seven children, I was raised with the same challenges that any other African child would face. Through the same, I have learned vividly how to deal with complicated situations of life, which I think is the bench mark to any positive living.

The practical part of my career started somewhere in slums, where I have a wealth of experience dealing with the people living under abject poverty. For the last 10 years I Have worked with several local and international organizations dealing specifically with children and less privileged in the society. I spend a lot of my time in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, mostly working in Korongosho, Mathare and Kibera slums. I have also worked outside of Nairobi, Muranga County, which is in central Kenya, making both local and international friends. Through my career, I have helped in initiating different projects, but starting a children’s home was something in my blood stream.

Life at lisha children’s home, is full of ups and down, at the age of 34 I have to act like a father to 27 kids. With other six staff members, we have been able to create a big family. Working and attending these kids is not something very much easy because we have to work extra hours without limitations to our schedule. For example, at the middle of night, you can be called to take the kids to hospital. Everyone needs you at the hour of their need, many a time, and I have to adjust from my personal attention and honestly serve others with love and compassion. In fact, I consider this kind of job more a calling than a profession.

My limited time within the week has to be utilized such that each mission is accomplished.  To make this possible, I arrange for the meetings with different team members, both in Nairobi and in Tala.  Issues concerning, workers, children, administration and other beneficiaries are discussed.  This diversity makes the job quite entertaining and I really love it.

Apart from all these responsibilities, I have a small family of my own, to attend to. Elvis my young son and his mom, makes my life worth it, seeing them, they remind me of a great future ahead of me, I see myself being a grandfather and having my generation. I just love them to bits and pieces.

I may not be rich, but am very much contended in my heart and soul. In life you can be happy not because you have cars, houses, big businesses name them, but if only you can let others move from their bad situations. That is life and worth it.

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