Relative distance

Relative distance

We live surrounded by stimuli, both positive and negative. Stimuli that may seem too much and can sometimes distance us from the reality. We receive approximately three thousand advertising impacts a day, more than a million a year, and on the way we start to lose empathy for others.

This “distance” has led us to see Africa as a homogenous block, a dramatic and hopeless reality. We have forgotten that it is a continent, which withholds 52 countries, a huge diversity of ethnic groups and their more than one billion voices. Voices that tell stories of desire and improvement. Voices with their proper names that because of their human dimension suddenly reduce the thousands of kilometers that separate us from Zambia and Kenya. 

abuelos y bebes © Kubuka/2017/Luis Lanchares

There is an Eastern belief that a red thread holds people together no matter how far away they are. At one end of the thread are cities such as Nairobi and Livingston along with villages such as Tala and Kasiya, with desks waiting for the children that keep on dreaming and growing. The willingness to do and try a little more, talent that turns into music and the effort that becomes an opportunity. 

Here we are trying to make you feel the same desire as us to be part of the other extreme. We want you to understand what unites us. We know that traveling without smelling, touching or embracing is difficult, so we want to approach this experience through testimonies, videos and meetings until you feel it as your own experience.

IMG_0845 © Kubuka/2017/Luis Lanchares

Every time someone reacts in a briefing, participates with questions, and asks what they can do to help, we are all winning. We believe that more voices means strength and progress. Because to see the indifference face to face, and eventually fight it, we will without a doubt win the battle.

We would love to hear your opinion on this and if you have an idea on how to get the information out, regardless of what platform or format, write us and together we will carry this out. Send us an email to:

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