Remembering day one

What is KUBUKA? Why did all of this start? What did we feel and want when four years ago we sat down to talk about this “crazy” idea of starting do develop projects in Kenya and Zambia? Are we taking the right steps to get to the point we were looking for?

Every time a year ends, we ask ourselves these questions. It is time to step on the clutch, put the neutral and brake. Brake to be able to return to that meeting back in 2013 and remember KUBUKA’s first day. What has happened in these four years?

Más Por Ellos began in Kenya with a group of young people who came together to start an adventure with the feeling of doing something for the world. KUBUKA began in Zambia with the trip of five friends who were excited to resume a project that had been in their minds for years. After a trip the Zambian team made during Christmas time to the childrens’ home in Kenya, we began to feel united, somewhat like a family. The motivation, the desire and the excitement began to spread. And it was here that we realised that the two trains had to join in the same track to form a single train with three wagons. To be the same organisation and the same team working in three different countries, joining forces, goals, energy and hopes was what made sense. And so we did, in 2015 we acquired a new image and we became to be KUBUKA (Más Por Ellos).

Three wagons with the same destination: a sustainable development. A concept that may sound abstract and seem far from achieving, but what if we analyse one of the ways to get there? If our aim is to disappear in the future, we have to find a way to economically maitain the projects without external contributions received from other countries. Everything revolved around this idea until we came to the conclusion that we would achieve this through social businesses.

In both Kenya and Zambia, there are cooperatives, community groups that have entrepreneurial initiatives that they want to carry out. In the moment this initiative appears, KUBUKA comes into action, supports the new business and opens the circle of sustainable development we seek. Little by little the business is formed and in the moment benefits are made, they are reinvested in the other less sustainable projects. But to get to this business, it is essential to go through education, since it is themain tool to achieve it.

This was the path that little by little led to start the social businesses in Kenya and Zambia. A cinema that will generate benefits for the sponsorship program, a recycling point that, in addition to raising awareness among the population of Kibera about the importance of hygiene conditions in their city, will be able to use these benefits to grant microcredits…

And this is how KUBUKA ultimately seeks to be an accelator of social businesses without forgetting the importance of education that closes the circle of educationa and entrepreneurship as a means to achieve sustaiable development.

Do you want to get on our train?

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