Revolution song

Revolution song

Last 22nd of September was a big day for Made in Kibera Productions.  The musical project we collaborate with released a  single called Work Hard together with the Spanish discography Mad 91. Today, the members of  Made in Kibera  relate to us the sensations they have experienced  throughout the process of making and recording this song together with Spanish artists.

«No matter where you come from, whether  you are from one country or another, music is a valuable tool that has the incredible power to reflect, like no other art, your mood, what you feel, your desire… , as well as what is happening in your environment, in our case, in our community, Kibera, we believe that through lyrics a great impact can be created and that is what we pretended with Work Hard», they explain from Made in Kibera Productions (MIK).

The aim of this project was to convey a universal message, which reaches everyone and, therefore, the initial idea was to talk about love but on the way a new concept emerged: «with effort you get wherever you want». At the moment, its community presents high rates of unemployment, but this is also a worldwide problem, reason why they considered so important to talk about it.  «Many times we face with the need of accepting whatever job we can find and  not being  possible for us to  fight for the job for which we are made for, that we love and for which our abilities are more than enough.»  they assure.  “Not wait do what it comes, were the lyrics that inspired us to create the chorus of this single»

The result has been a revolutionary song, produced with lot of effort since it was quite a challenge to get all the artists together, unify the different styles and, above all, record the song in Kibera (when the works of recording studio were not finalized).

«Hard work» has been created in different stages: having three instruments of different styles; once one of them was chosen, the production was carried out in Spain where some voices were recorded, others in Nairobi and, finally, the master and mixing was done in New York.

Another big challenge they faced was the video, due to the song has a mentality of unity, but in this occasion, all were located in different places, so dress code, light, landscape, etc..must be adequate to get an attractive image.

Even with all that for Made in Kibera Productions was a great honour to be able to work with the artists and producers of MAD 91. «It has been a spectacular learning process, having the opportunity to interact with other artists who have an extensive musical career and exchange ideas to get together to produce a single that is being really successful and of which we are very proud. Hopefully we can make more collaborations with Spanish or other countries record labels . We are open to any proposal «, conclude the members of MIK.

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