Something is happening in the African continent

Shall we find out together?

Ladies and gentlemen, with your permission, something FASCINATING is happening around you and not far away…To give even more meaning to KUBUKA’s non-stopping and exciting work, one of our goals this year is to dive into the realities of different African peoples, but not only that, we are going to be witnesses of its dynamism and we are going to listen and learn, we are going to let ourselves be carries away bt those synergies on both sides that never sleep. For this purpose, it will be advisable to go beyond the local limits, because sometimes the specific place of our action can blind us. May we discover the African realities beyond cooperation. To do this, we are going to create a vehicle that will take us there and that we will share monthly in this blog called…


This is a space where the members of KUBUKA will add contributions on African realities and their relation with Spain, being readings, films, videos, news, phrases, images, social entrepreneurial initiatives, events, or daily talents that inspire and which will then be unified and shared through this blog, as well as by mail to our team and sponsors.

A CULTURAL EXCHANGE SPACE so that the voice of our Kenyan and Zambian colleagues can reach safe harbours.

It’s just that…

A kiss, just a kiss, separates Africas mouth from the lips of Europe (Limam Boisha).

 Therefore, with an Europen and African Spain, we must not look away from what is currently happening in the African continent, which is a neighbour of Western Europe.

Africa is not one Africa, but many Africas(Isabel Castro Henriques).

 Africa is not all the same, it stands out for its diversity which needs to be recognised as that of the rest of the continents. What is most interesting about this initiative is showing the positive processes of growth, of cultural wealth, at the level of organisations who dedicate their efforts to improve not so distant African realities. Just because the African continent is much more than a negative and unaltered photograph.

The purpose: to get to know this wonderful continent a little better!

After this presentation, we begin with the introduction: Africa is not a country.

From now on let’s try not to abuse the word AFRICA as if it were a country. The blog “Africa is not a country”, from the newspaper EL PAIS, offers us a first approach; Africa as such only makes sense geographically speaking…


The Polish author Ryszard Kapuscinski already warned us about it in his book Ebony in 1998… “The continent is too large to describe. It is a veritable ocean, a separate planet, a varied, immensely rich cosmos. Only with the greatest simplification, for the sake of convenience, can we say ‘Africa’. In reality, except as a geographical appellation, Africa does not exist”.

…and on this idea in 2009, an overwhelming TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie recounts her experience in the United States as an “African” and not a Nigerian: as an example she tells us that she saw an advertisement on a flight returning from Lagos which mentioned the charity that was being made in “India, Africa and other countries”…

Our lives, our cultures, are made up of many interrelated stories. The Nigerian and American novelist Chimamanda Adichie talks about how she found her authentic cultural voice and warns that if we only listen to a story about a person or a counrty, we run the risk of falling into a serious misunderstanding.

Don’t miss it!

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