The speaker of Kibera

“Everyone is an artist in Kibera” said a local singer. You cannot survive there without being it. Life in the slum demands being creative, have resources and be always inspired . And it is true that, when you know Kibera, is easy to see the amount of people who introduce themselves as artists and, with few or no resources, they develop his creations.

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However, when we decided to focus in this big group to start a project many were the questions and doubts that arise: Is this the best option? How to demonstrate that the effort is worth it? What are we doing for the community as a whole? Is it not better to focus in other areas?

Laugh, dance and music had the answer to these questions. Every song, video, monologue and dance, send a clear message from the heart of Kibera. A message that fights stereotypes, a critique that seeks improvement, and example of how to face life, support in bad moments, push in good ones. The task of Kibera artist was there, long time ago.

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For that reason, seeking continuity and sustainability in this system in which the artists is the voice of the society, was an important challenge.  When more talented artists come to light, more creations will be born, the voice of Kibera will be higher and the scream will reach farther.

A music and video studio was the best option to reach this objective. Two years later is not a dream. While you read these lines producers compose music, singers record their firsts songs and music videos, artists learn and new and big events are planned.

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However this is not a something we could have done alone. Without the horizontal collaboration of the artist group Kibera Creative Arts, this could have not been possible. Their knowledge of Kibera, its artist community and the cultural industry has been key to the success.

Kubuka community has been also responsable. Punctual or continuous donations, follow up and distribution through the social media, the work of volunteers and collaborators made easy that we reach this position.

This is the beginning and there is still a big path to cover. A future in which Made in Kibera becomes a reference in helping artist to become better and be recognized; where new initiatives to help the community are pushed; where Kubuka disappear bit by bit giving space to a new generation of artists that lead this project and making it grow.

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