There’s always a way, collaborate in your own way

There’s always a way, collaborate in your own way

TO HELP, COLLABORATE, PROVIDE, SUPPORT, SECOND, IMPULSE, COOPERATE, CONTRIBUTE, SPONSOR, REMEDIATE, SUSTAIN…all of these words are synonymous but it doesn’t matter which one you use, where you do it or how you decide to do it, however it may be, the meaning remains the same: to make an effort, to put the means to achieve something.

Many times when we hear about volunteering, our head directly thinks about going to an underdeveloped or developing country and carrying out support work in different projects. Yes, without a doubt this is possible, volunteering in the field is very necessary for any NGO and it is also enriching for people with service vocations, but there are more volunteering options, there are more possibilities to help…

It may be that for an economic issue or lack of time it is not feasible to help in the field, but it is important to point out that from Spain, from your own city, there is also much to do. This type of volunteering is equally or even more necessary for the running of an NGO and, in addition, there are different needs to be met according to your abilities. In fact, the KUBUKA team in Spain consists of more than 40 volunteers who, aside from their jobs and lives, dedicate their time to the organization with enthusiasm. Their role is so important that if it were not for them, it would be almost impossible for the mechanism to work.

In addition to this figure there are other ones which are essential for KUBUKA. The thing is that our work in Kenya and Zambia would not be possible without the support of: sponsors, partners, donors, small and large companies, collaborating schools…and many others.

We blindly believe in the ability of human beings to lend a hand, to share, to open their hearts, to value people regardless of their condition…But we know that each reality is different and that is why we want to offer everyone the oportunity to cooperate. With this idea, the initiative: “COLLABORATE IN YOUR OWN WAY” was born.

What is it?

All the events organized externally to the NGO with the aim of spreading, collecting and/or raising awareness. The expression itself says it…

Collaborate: work together with other people in a common task, usually in creative works, and especially when it is done as help or in a disinterested way.In your own way: in they way that you want. You can use your imagination, the options are endless!

Up until now, events of all kinds have taken place…Plays, concerts and parties, a cheese tasting, a poetry recital,several photography exhibitions, paddle tournaments, festivals, a wine tasting, flea markets, even weddings. Think about it, surely there’s something you’re good at or some idea that you may have that can be part of this project. Remember, any activity you do, if it is for a good purpose, will always shine brighter.

Why not? Imagine, you are an expert dancer, you dance a tango, a bachata, a cumbia and some sevillanas and, with the money you raise with your art, you can help a Kenyan or Zambian community to move forward. How do you feel? We can guarantee that you would feel great and very satisfied. What are you waiting for? Try it!

Many have already done it. “The Company” Theater Group, Alberto Rubio Terrazas, Naza Díaz, Borja Díaz Illán, Juan Gutierrez Serna Clasea-te, Macaw Cosmetics, Paula Cabedo, Marina Ussia, “Concejo de Llanes” theater company, María Antón, Carlota Catalán, Willie de la Torre, Rubén Labarzana, María Buhigas, Álvaro Martín, Isabel Fanconi, amongst others. We want to thank all of you, through this blog post, for your invaluable support. Thank you for speading our name, our mission, thank you for doing that little part that for us is huge. Without you none of this would be possible!

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.” Eduardo Galeano.

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