This has only just started!

Six months ago I decided to change my life again, quit my job and embark on a new adventure…I did not know what it was going to be, I was not even clear about where to start, I had only proposed myself that I would not take any steps, nor send any CVs to any project that did not fill me, with which I did not feel identified, in which I did not believe in.

In those six months I sent a single CV, to the only project, organization, concept and vision to which I felt connected.

When I saw KUBUKA´s announcement there was something that caught my attention, that moved inside me and that has been the same thing that I felt in every interview that I carried out with the team in Zambia and in Spain, and also on my arrival to Zambia when I met all of the KUBUKA people, both Spanish and local, who will be by my side on this journey.

I could call it thrill, energy, team feeling…all these things and many more are those that emanate from each person that makes up KUBUKA, what they transmit has a lot to do with believing in the project and meaning of KUBUKA. That is what makes a general coherence in the organization and the most beautiful thing is that this coherence is put into practice by people who have different points of view or a very different vision but that does not matter, because they all row in the same direction, by and for KUBUKA.

I have felt my arrival in Livingsyone, only 3 weeks ago, since the beginning as the arrival to my new home. My colleagues Sofia, Marcos and Oscar, our local director Joyce, the local workers, the children of the sports and acrobatics programs, the girls from the Safe House…, everyone has welcomed me and made me feel like one of the team. The team in Spain has also done this through whatsapp groups, skype, messages…, which means that the distance is not so big and that you feel like you are part of a whole.

When I think about the work that has been done here in such a short time, it makes me value much more all of the people who have been a part of this project and, the most exciting thing is that there is still so much more, so beautiful and challenging to do, that this stage that begins will be very enriching. I really want to get involved more and more in the projects, in the day to day life, to receive the summer volunteers, to be able to learn from everything that comes up and to be able to contribute everything that I bring with me, in my backpack full of experiences.

I want to finish by thanking all of the people who have made this stage in my life a reality.

This has only just started! ????
Virginia Morcillo Hidalgo

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