We started celebrating!

It was not a birthday, not graduation, not even an achievement of the NGO; we just got reunited to celebrate that a new year we are all together and we are starting a new stage with many resolutions and illusions for which we need all the energy. And so we did, transmitted good vibes, experiences, anecdotes, feelings, goals, strength, new ideas …
The volunteer’s dinner KUBUKA 2018 took place last Saturday and we met many friends; some from the field, others with who we coincided in the office in Madrid and many with whom we have only talked by Whatsapp. The conversations ran like wildfire, sometimes you even had to take turns to speak for a while with that person who introduced you in KUBUKA or the one that was there for you on your first days on the field. We all wanted to know, remember, embrace…
After the greetings and the first contact, some activities, organized by the volunteers in charge of the event, started. Their goal ensured the enjoyment of the night (Great job!). The kick-off was given by a video about the projects that are being developed in Kenya and Zambia and, primarily, the achievements of last year. Because there is nothing so great that has reflected in the images the good work that is being done. And then, laughs and more laughter, we divided into several names of groups that have been referenced in projects: Polytechnic, Kleanbera, Four stars and Maramba. Each with their respective team, all in their positions and … the game began! We had to start our neurons with a trivial of the most varied and then it was the turn of our beautiful soprano and baritone throats, how to get there? Fury?
And when we were already hoarse and somewhat tired, we let ourselves be carried away by the music and the good atmosphere that was breathed in every corner of the J’leos restaurant where they treated us phenomenally and gave us a vibrant dinner. And so the night passed …
Today there are only images and memories of a beautiful evening that we will surely repeat next year. We hope that with new incorporations that for sure, besides collaborating with the projects, they will also socialize, create bonds of friendship and discover great people. The #OcioKUBUKA 2018 was inaugurated!

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