What Kasiya teaches us

It is not new to say, read or hear that, increasingly, our world becomes a more individualistic world, that we only think of ourselves more and more, and that the common good is blurred towards personal wealth or satisfaction.

These are concepts which perhaps few people stop to think about, especially in this day to day life where everything moves so quickly…

But then, you arrive in the field, you visit the projects, you live with them and you realize the true value of the word “community”, and of the good that that feeling does to all of the people who are a part of it.

Today we would like you to meet a small representation of the people who belong to the Kasiya community.

Kasiya is a small isolated community, about 20Km from Livingstone, which during the month of August is hosting the KUBUKA summer volunteering teams and the Quijote Team, a group of people who has raised money for this project, with the aim of sharing their day to day, their spaces, their experiences, their doubts… and, above all, to show us to learn not only from the new environment that welcomes us, but to teach us the beautiful lesson of valuing everything that surrounds us, a smile, a glass of water, an effort, a silence in front of a fire, a shower under the stars.

Two of the people who are making this experience a learning experience are Judith, the kitchen coordinator in the camp, and Andrew, the head of the school in Kasiya, of which the second phase is already being built.

Judith, a powerful woman in presence and essence, gives us every day, since early in the morning, smiles, stories and teachings from her community, their ways of life, their customs, and their desire to know more and more.

Andrew, a man devoted to the idea of increasing the chances of access to education in his community, involved in the construction of the school, in the development of the camp and workshops, and with an unstoppable desire to share moments in which to talk about the world, about the stars, about life in other countries and, especially, about knowing growth possibilities for Kasiya.

They, together with the rest of the people whom we have lived with these weeks, make us think and reflect on how nice it would be to allow us to value and share the simple things in life more often.

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