You must be so proud

You must be so proud

It has been a total of 3 years and 9 months, or what comes to be, 1.374 days, that is, 32.976 hours. This is a quick summary of our colleague Myri´s stay in Kenya as a KUBUKA Project Coordinator. But it is ridiculous to only add it up as time because it has been so much more, so much so that it would be impossible to write it up in the blog post because we are convinced that everything lived is difficult to express in words. Our beloved Mwende, her Swahili name (although during these almost 4 years she has had many more), has just returned to Spain after an intense experience in Kenya working for and with people who have become a part of her family. It has been one of those experiences from which you learn so much and probably will never forget. We cannot imagine how her first day was when she arrived in Kibera, the slum where we work and that would soon become her home; the projects, how they came into her hands and how she leaves them now with her departure; the adventures and misadventures; the people who have been by her side; the successes and failures; the stormy and sunny days; those of yearning and those of hope; music; conversations; hugs; battles; sunsets and dawns; in conclusion, a life that surely she did not imagine and that now becomes a part of her story. The story could not be more beautiful and we hope to hear it from her mouth, even if it is by chapters.

But like all good stories, it has a beginning and an end, although we believe that in this case, more than an end, it has a second part, just like those good novels from which it is impossible to disengage. Myri has already returned and, as it couldn´t be otherwise, she will continue to be united with her KUBUKA family that loves her and sends her love through these messages. Here we send you some and the rest will be given to you in person alongside a big hug…

“Tenderness, generosity, love for the neighbor, strength and consistency in large quantities and all at the same time. That´s what comes to mind when I think about you and I remember the time I lived and worked with you a couple of years ago. I have no doubt that you have left a huge gap in the lives of many Kenyans. You must be so proud to be who you are, dear. Now, you must continue doing well here. Enjoy and hopefully we see each other soon.” Isabel Albella

“The work you have done is incredible. Before I met you in person, I already knew the energy and enthusiasm you transmit because it reached me from Kenya through our commercial merchandising paperwork through WhatsApp. And because of that, I knew before meeting you in person that we were going to get along very well. I am very grateful to have known you and of you being a part of KUBUKA.” Natalia

“Watching stand-up comedy, singing, watching concerts of you know who…unclogging gutters in Kibera on any given Sunday, or cooking chicken with honey and mustard, it can only be so much fun if it´s by your side, and these moments I keep for myself! I will never forget them, because you are unique and I would not change you for anything. I love you squirrel!” Arantxa

“Our Myri is a key person in KUBUKA, you cannot understand KUBUKA Kenya without Myri, because she has been the pillar that has allowed everything to continue rolling, the projects to move forward and us to continue growing. The most important thing of all is that you have made all the volunteers that have passed through Nairobi feel at home, that both local people and volunteers get involved and collaborate together, always with a smile, and never with despair (even when you fell into a river full of poop ;)). We are looking forward to having you in Spain, and that you apply all that positivism, desire to work and to change the world here as the new vice-president of the Board of KUBUKA. We will always be grateful. Big kiss!” Valle

“I still remember that October 7, 2014 when I took a plane to Kenya with an unknown Basque in the back seat. We both arrived with a lot of desire and very excited with our new adventure. The Basque was called Myriam, who we later nicknamed Mestarron. She stayed in Nairobi, the crazy and noisy city, and I went to Tala, the rural area without electricity or hot water. We lived a thousand adventures, we worked a lot, we had an amazing time. I came back a year later and she is returning now, after four years giving everything she has for KUBUKA.
Yuhu!! Finally our beloved Myri comes back, one of the best people I know, a great worker and a great friend, she has such a big heart that we can fit the whole KUBUKA team inside. I know that she will be very much missed in Kenya, but I am very happy that she comes back to Spain so that I can count with her to do great things and enjoy her. Dear Kenyans, you have already stolen her from us for a long time, welcome back Myri!” Cristina Cabañas

For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Thank you Myri!

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