One day in the life of… Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Manyasa Chibole. I am a Kenyan citizen aged 37 years. I am the director of Grace Humanitas Children´s Centre.

I did my primary certificate in 1997 and sat for my Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education in 2001. I was trained as an E.C.D.E (Early Chilhood Development and Education) teacher  in 2013.

I am married with three children. I met KUBUKA team in 2014 while working in another school for eight years (from 2006 to that time). Our collaboration started in January 2015 and it has continued until today. Our collaboration has been of more benefiting not just to me but to the community as a whole. I can say it has been a pleasure working with KUBUKA for this long.

In 2015 we began with seven classes from Baby Class to Class 4 with a total of 175 students and 7 teachers. Today we have a total of 300 children (almost double) and 10 teachers plus the rest of the staff. KUBUKA´s support has given us strength in terms of academic learning and also in co-curricular activities: text books, desks and furniture, breakfast and improved nutrition program, uniform for sport teams, and also by paying the rent of the space we are occupating, which I could not do it independently, and also teachers are receiving official training thanks to the organization´s support.

As an individual, I started developing this passion of becoming a teacher when I was in class 4. I liked the way teachers used to handle children and I grew up also determined at making a difference in any community through imparting knowledge, specifically targeting the youth. After finishing secondary I started practicing as an untrained teacher and I worked very hard to join college so I could gainfully utilize my knowledge and skills.

Up to date, I love my job, I perform multiple duties in the school as administrator and I delegate others to my fellow teachers. I attend meetings outside the school, I make research on the new curriculum implementation, I ensure that the school has enough learning and teaching materials, I organize meetings with parents, etc.

My main objective is to plant good seed in the life of others even if I don’t´ get anything in return.

Finally, I wanted to add that our cooperation and team work with KUBUKA has taken us this far. In fact thanks to the entire family, we have been able to purchase a plot for the school whose construction is underway, which will reduce costs and benefit the entire community.

On behalf of Grace Humanitas including teachers, parents and children, I would like to send my congratulations to the entire staff of KUBUKA for their continued support.

God may bless you abundantly! Thank you!!!

Elizabeth Manyasa Chibole, director of Grace Humanitas Children’s Centre

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