What Does KABUKA Mean?

Many times we hear that people ask questions in their tone of voice, about the meaning of KUBUKA.
Today we want to explain it to you.

KUBUKA is a word that in Swahili means to remember and in Tonga, awakening. But words in African languages ​​do not have a single translation, but many have a meaning beyond a single word. They try to express situations or feelings that in the languages ​​that we know commonly would be described with phrases or sayings.

KUBUKA. Wake. It is the awakening of the slavery of the ancient African tribes when their colonization ended. Awakening of misery, of a life dedicated to being slaves. Awakening from that to learn, to take the reins of your destiny and be the owners of your lives.

KUBUKA, for Zambians and Kenyans means to remember freedom. Get up every day and see a future full of opportunities; awakening, from sadness to hope, with an indomitable strength to put all efforts to achieve a better life.

It was then that we realized that this was our goal: that they were the owners of their lives. That they did not need anything or anyone to be self-sufficient. And we cling to this word so full of meaning for them.

Now, KUBUKA also has its meaning in Spain. There are people who do not know it and for others it is just an NGO. However, for the people of the team and many more of those around us, KUBUKA is our awakening and what helps us remember the reasons why this NGO was born. Wake up a new day to realize what one is capable of. Open your eyes and see that you are surrounded by people who row in the same direction as you. Awakening and learning that the limits of each one, we impose on ourselves. Remember that life is worth living, and that dignity should not be a privilege, but a right.

KUBUKA gives strength to all of us who are part of it. It impels us to keep going even in moments of demotivation. Because the end is much greater than the stones with which we stumble. At KUBUKA we learn and work in areas where we never would have believed that we were capable. But we also share something that is incomprehensible to many people; the belief and passion for the project. And that, are the thick roots that hold us together to strengthen us and for the tree to continue and grow.


Who would have thought that something was going to get through the first year it all started? Virtually nobody, except who were at that moment in the boat. They believed in the premature projects, in getting the communities of Kenya and Zambia to become self-sustaining and so we could leave.

This is important because seeing the fruits of the effort is difficult, as they come in the very long term. Therefore, it must be the belief and feeling towards the project that drives us to move forward
For this reason for us, the word KUBUKA has also acquired an important meaning, almost impossible to explain. Because KUBUKA is one of the pillars of the life of each of the people who are part of this.

And so, I thank fate for bringing together people so different and without ties in common, making this their bond, a strong bond that we all make indestructible.

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